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On Location Drug Testing
in The Woodlands, Texas

Companies who are looking for cost-effective occupational alcohol and drug testing in The Woodlands, TX turn to USA Mobile Drug Testing. We offer 24/7/365 on location collection and certified Compliance Specialists who specialize in DOT compliance and Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) protocols.  

Our comprehensive collection of drug testing in The Woodlands is always performed by Certified Professional Collectors (CPC) and includes:

  • Lab-based urine test
  • Instant urine test
  • Hair follicle test
  • Lab-based oral fluid test
  • Instant oral fluid test
  • Breath Alcohol Testing (BAT)

Our mobile facilities and on-site availability means we come to you for drug testing in The Woodlands with the latest solutions, training and expertise. Final results will be delivered to your designated representative within 72 hours. Negative results can be available within 24 hours. Our internet-based information system allows you to easily see your results and business activity.

Because a successful drug-free workplace program requires more than just routine employee drug testing, we also provide valuable consulting and services like:

  • Supervisor and employee compliance training
  • Policy development
  • Immediate Post Accident Response
  • Employee Assistance 

If you need DNA testing or employee background checks, we can do that, too!

Customer Service is #1

We take quality very seriously. Our labs are certified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Every Compliance Specialist we hire must have completed the C-USAMDT credential, a highly regarded license for drug and alcohol testing.

All positive results are confirmed through Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) -- a reliable method that detects the “chemical fingerprint” drugs, both prescription and illegal. Our Medical Review Officer will review all results for anomalies suspicious indicators before they are sent to you.

On-site drug testing in The Woodlands has been proven to reduce risk and liability associated with traditional, off-site drug testing. It’s also cost-effective for your company, convenient, and eliminates time wasted by employees traveling to a facility where they then have to wait in long lines. If you need drug testing in The Woodlands, TX, contact our professional, helpful staff today.

At USAMDT we make getting your DOT Physical easy

  1. Our medical examiners have been trained and certified based on the DOT FMCSA standards, on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners
  2. We report the drivers result the same day of the exam to the DOT FMCSA physical database
  3. We are not an urgent care facility so the wait time is minimal, even less with an appointment
  4. There is space to park the 18 wheeler at our facility.

Before the DOT Physical

We know our client’s time is valuable and take it seriously.  In preparing for the physical keep the following in mind:
  1. Walk-ins are welcome, but we always recommend scheduling an appointment.  Please call 832-572-5577 OR email HoustonScheduling@USAMDT.com.
  2. Before arriving fill out the drivers portion of the Medical Examination Report
  3. Please bring the following items if they pertain
    • Bring eye glasses if needed for vision,
    • Last Medical Examination Report card,
    • The current Driver’s License,
    • List of medications (including over the counter) with dosages, and/or
    • Yearly clearance letter from Cardiologist or for other chronic conditions may be required before clearance.
    • Insurance does not cover this physical – some employers pay for this exam.

During the DOT Physical

The medical assistant and medical examiner will work together to ensure all protocols are followed and the process is quick and safe.  The physical examination includes: 
  • Health history review, including past or recent illnesses and injuries (including head and brain injuries)
  • Observe general appearance
  • Check eyes, throat, mouth, and ears
  • Perform a vision acuity test
  • Check hearing
    • Listen to heart and lungs
    • Take blood pressure
    • Muscular weakness or disease
    • Diabetes
    • Press on your abdomen to check for abnormalities
    • Respiratory problems
    • Lung, kidney, liver, and nervous system health
All physical requirements must be passed in order to be cleared for the CDL medical card.

After the Physical

  1. The medical examiner will complete the MEDICAL EXAMINATION REPORT for Commercial Driver Fitness Determination form and its supporting documentation, including DOT physical forms;  
  2. The medical examiner will give any referrals required to the driver and instruct if there is a need for a driver exception program
  3. The laminated Medical Card will be issued to the driver, with a complete copy of the exam with the Medical Examiners Certificate;
  4. A secure email will be sent to the employer with the results and housed in USAMDT’s on-line portal, giving the client 24/7 access to all testing results; AND
  5. The result of the physical will be registered in the DOT FMCSA physical database

What are DOT physicals and Who Needs It?

Under Federal laws, commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers are required to receive regular physical examinations. This examination, known as DOT physical, helps the examiner to detect physical, mental, and emotional issues that can affect a driver’s ability to safely drive a commercial vehicle. A driver may be certified for up to a maximum of 2 years. DOT medical examiners are specially trained to understand the regulations and prevent drivers from being inappropriately disqualified. The DOT medical examiners includes, but is not limited to, doctors of medicine and osteopathy, advanced practice nurses, physician assistants and chiropractors. Examiners are trained and certified based on FMCSA standards, and are required by law to submit monthly examination reports to the FMCSA.

How USAMDT Can Assist?

At USAMDT, one of our goals is the safety of drivers and the public, and we have been arduously faithful to this goal. We are one of the largest providers of drug screening and background check services in the greater Houston area and beyond for over 3 years. Provision of DOT physicals and other forms of physical examination complements our other services, and turns our location into a one-stop-shop for employers who wish to provide a holistic wellness package to the employees. Our DOT physicals are carried out by board-certified, NRCME-certified practitioners with requisite experience in Primary Care, with unalloyed dedication to the pursuant of continuing education in the latest healthcare issues and trends.

What to expect from the new regulations, as a driver

As a driver, you are required to complete the Driver Information and the Health History sections of the Medical Report Form. Signing of the form by the driver certifies that the information provided is complete and true. It also acknowledges that providing false information or intentionally omitting information can lead to penalty and/or invalidation of examination. The physical exam will include: Past or recent illnesses and injuries in the last 5 years; head/brain injuries, disorders, or illnesses; seizures or epilepsy; eye disorders or impaired vision (except corrective lenses); ear disorders, loss of hearing or balance; heart disease or other cardiovascular conditions, and heart surgery; high blood pressure; muscular disease; and shortness of breath.
The driver is expected to meet medical, physical, and emotional requirement prior to the issuance of our pocket-sized DOT examiner’s card.

Frequently Asked Questions from the DOT FMCSA website

What impact does the National Registry have on CMV drivers and motor carriers?

As of May 21, 2014, interstate CMV drivers are required to obtain physical examinations and a medical examiner’s certificate from a certified ME listed on the National Registry website.

Is the National Registry program applicable to both interstate and intrastate CMV drivers?

No, this program applies to interstate drivers only. Intrastate drivers must follow State requirements concerning medical certification.

What is the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners?

The National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (National Registry) is a Federal program thatestablishes requirements for healthcare professionals that perform physical qualification examinations for truck and bus drivers. To become a certified medical examiner (ME) and be listed on the National Registry, healthcare professionals must complete training and testing on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) physical qualifications standards and guidelines. 
All healthcare professionals whose scope of practice authorizes them to perform physical examinations, as defined by the state in which they practice, and who intend to perform physical examinations and issue medical certificates for commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers must be certified and listed on FMCSA’s National Registry by May 21, 2014. 

How is the driver medical certificate issued by a ME on the National Registry different from the current driver medical certificate?

The new driver medical certificate will contain the same medical information as the current driver medical certificate, but will now include the ME’s National Registry number. Additionally, this rule assures that all medical examiners who perform physical exams for interstate truck and bus drivers are trained, tested and certified on the specific physical qualifications standards that affect a driver’s ability to safely operate the vehicle. 

Will the ME inform the State driver licensing agency (SDLA) that a driver has passed the physical examination?

No, it is up to CMV driver required to have a commercial driver license (CDL) to provide the medical certificate to the SDLA issuing the license. As of May 21, 2014, States will be required to enter the ME’s National Registry number from the medical examiner’s certificate into the Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS) for each non-excepted interstate CDL driver. A driver’s medical certificate is valid until it expires. If the expiration date is after May 21, 2014, the driver must obtain a medical certificate from a certified ME listed on the National Registry. 

Will FMCSA transmit the medical certificate information for interstate CDL drivers to the SDLAs?

Not at this time. The final rule provides for reporting to FMCSA by the MEs of medical certificate information for all interstate CMV drivers. The FMCSA is considering a new rule to require more frequent submission of medical certificate information by certified MEs and for FMCSA to transmit to the SDLAs that information for interstate CDL drivers required to have a medical certificate. 

How will an employer or enforcement personnel verify that a ME is on the National Registry?

They may visit the National Registry website and search the registry for the certified ME who provided the driver’s medical certificate. They can search by ME name or National Registry number. 

How will a driver/carrier find a certified ME?

ME candidates who pass the FMCSA certification test will be listed in an online registry located on the National Registry website. As of May 21, 2014, all interstate CMV drivers seeking a medical examination/certificate must use a certified ME listed on the National Registry. 
To find a certified ME, visit the National Registry website and conduct a basic or advanced search by:  (1) city and state, (2) zip code, (3) ME’s name, (4) business name, (5) employer name, (6) medical profession, (7) National Registry ID number. 

Will the medical examination reports be entered into the National Registry?

No. The FMCSA will not routinely collect or store medical examination reports (i.e., the long form). 

If a driver loses the driver’s medical card, can the driver get a replacement copy from the National Registry?

No. The National Registry is not intended to serve as a medical certificate database for drivers or carriers. For a driver to get a copy of the driver’s signed medical certificate, the driver must contact the certified ME that issued it. 
If a driver receives a medical certificate from a certified ME who is later removed from the National Registry for fraudulent activities, is the medical certificate still valid? 

What happens to a certified ME who inappropriately or fraudulently certifies a driver?

Errors, omissions, or other indications of improper certification by a certified ME of a driver, in either the completed medical examination reports or the medical certificates, may result in FMCSA initiating an action to remove the certified ME from the National Registry. The final rule provides due process for addressing the removal of certified MEs from the National Registry.